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Why We Do What We Do

Sometimes we find that a small piece of the work we do has a big impact on the lives of others.

Butterfly and flower

A woman attending our Downsizing 101 program shared that she had attended it last year with a friend. Her friend was someone who never got rid of anything and was a collector. She claimed he had 200 pairs of shoes but admitted that she also had too much in her house. They left the seminar and followed our advice. They created a process for downsizing their "stuff". They set deadlines and were "clutter buddies". And slowly, they both made their way through all of their collections, over-stuffed closets, garages and basements.

Her friend died suddenly a few months ago. When his sister arrived to settle his affairs, she anticipated a monumental job, but found it to be manageable. Our participant today said that "my friend's sister wanted me to tell you how thankful she is that he came to your seminar".

(This is shared with permission).

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