Downsizing Services

Downsizing from a long-time home to a new smaller home can be overwhelming.....

sorting belongings, packing, unpacking and settling in your new home. Goldilocks Solutions is an expert in helping our clients create a home in a new place that feels JUST RIGHT. 

What To Expect When Goldilocks Solutions Helps You Move

Just like memories in your home, each of our clients' downsizing needs vary.  When you hire Goldilocks Solutions you hire a team of experts that can assist with the entire downsizing process or the portion you need help with the most. 

Sample floor plan from Goldilocks Solutions
Planning For Your Move​​
  • Create a floor plan

  • Sort furniture and items to move

  • Mover estimates


Goldilocks employee Carefully packing items
Preparing For Your Move​​​​
  • Packing

  • Tag furniture

  • Liquidate and donate the remainder 


Goldilocks Solutions team helping client put away items after a move
Settle You In 
  • Unpack belongings

  • Hang art, mirrors, and photos

  • Organize cabinets and closets


Goldilocks Solutions team cleaning home after a move
Care Of Your Former Home​​
  • Clean former home 

  • Dispose of trash

  • Preparing your home for sale


It Is Our Passion To Make Your New Home JUST RIGHT For You