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Meet the Most Helpful Team of Move Managers in St. Louis

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Helping you prepare for a move, organize, and design and love your space is our passion. The team at Goldilocks has decades of experience helping people just like you experience stress-free, enjoyable moves with just the right level of service!

Goldilocks Solutions Owners, Carolyn Parmer & Cathy Waddell

Cathy Waddell

Carolyn Parmer

No matter what your stage in life, family moves, rightsizing, downsizing, retirement moves, or senior moves we can’t wait to offer our advice and helping hands!

Get to know our team! Each of us has a unique story to share, but we all have a passion for creating spaces that are JUST RIGHT for you. 

Carolyn Parmer


Carolyn is an attorney and former financial services professional with decades of experience in trust and estate planning. She has the compassion and specific experience to help senior clients and their families make important decisions regarding their home and belongings. She also has the knowledge to help families manage and distribute property after the passing of a loved one. “Moving can be stressful at any stage of life – add a lifetime of memories and collections and it can seem like a paralyzing endeavor. At Goldilocks, we help you move to, through, and past your hurdles to settle in and enjoy your new home as quickly as possible!”

Cathy Waddell


As a member of the Interior Design Society, Cathy has been transforming homes in the St. Louis area for around two decades as a designer and general contractor in kitchen, bathroom, and complete home renovation. She specializes in repurposing belongings and incorporating treasures into her designs. Cathy's amazing eye and attention to space are truly a gift to our clients. “Design doesn’t have to be expensive – your treasured items can make any home beautiful. It’s about learning what to keep and how best to display it. I love seeing the smiles on our clients’ faces when they see all their favorite things incorporated throughout their home.”

Staged Living Room
Jill Beaven, Team Lead at Goldilocks Solutions

Jill Beaven
Team Lead

I am a creative person and I love to spend my weekends cooking and at home with my friends and family.

Mary Hampel Liquidation Specialist Goldilocks Solutions

Mary Hampel

Liquidation Specialist

I love to organize as much as being creative. Watercolor is my favorite medium, which I teach as well. I design jewelry and write inspirational quotes. My husband and I adore our dog, Willow!

Sally Suozzi, Transition Specialist

Sally Suozzi

Transition Specialist

I love to read, go for walks and am beginning to play golf.  I love to travel and hope to visit my son in Japan someday. 

Charlene Tipton, Transition Specialist at Goldilocks Solutions

Charlene Tipton
Team Lead

I grew up on a farm in North Dakota, attending the same one-room country schoolhouse that my dad did for a few of my elementary years.

Cathy Nelson, Transition Specialist

Cathy Nelson

Transition Specialist

I like to read, bake and garden.  My husband and I are bird watchers, which is like going on a hike that is also a treasure hunt.  My new interest is learning Latin.


Denise Loseman

Transition Specialist

I enjoy the outdoors, organizing, and cleaning!  My adult children live in Colorado, where we spend time hiking and exploring.  I also look forward to weekends with my family and friends.

Pam Martin, Transition Specialist at Goldilocks Solutions

Pam Martin
Team Lead

I love to garden! My grandson Benjamin is  the love of his Nana’s life.  My husband says I spoil him, but Benjamin and I disagree.  My husband and I love to travel.

Lisa Waddell, Transition Specialist at Goldilocks Solutions

Lisa Waddell

Transition Specialist

I never seem to be at home... especially with my kids in Boston, Australia, and Springfield. I love to needlepoint in my spare time and shabby chic furniture.

Tracey Steere, Team Lead at Goldilocks Solutions

Tracey Steere
Transition Specialist

I am a traveler!! My top bucket list items are vacationing in Dubai and a whitewater raft trip with my family.  

Janet Meitz, Transition Specialist

Janet Meitz

Team Lead

As a wife, a Mom of an active, Musical Theatre teenage girl, and an interior designer, I am always looking to organize or clean something!  I enjoy creating dollhouse miniatures which is a smaller version of where my design mind is constantly dwelling.

Patty Johnston, Transition Specialist

Patty Johnston

Transition Specialist

My three favorite people call me Mimi. I love to read, walk, cook, and work in the yard/garden. My husband and I enjoy traveling throughout the United States.

Packed and Organized Moving Boxes

Goldilocks Solutions is a proud member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM).

As a NASMM member, Goldilocks Solutions specializes in helping older adults and their families with the process of downsizing and moving to a new residence. We are bound by a pledge of integrity, committed to safety and ethics, and dedicated to continuing professional development.  

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